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Senator Jeremy Stine Announces 2023 Legislative Agenda

Lake Charles, LA — Senator Jeremy Stine (R-Lake Charles, LA) announced a Legislative Agenda for the 2023 Legislative Session. This legislative package addresses a wide array of issues, from removing bureaucratic measures and reforming our tax code to protecting Louisiana’s most vulnerable children. Senator Stine’s diverse package addresses the concerns of constituents across District 27 and Louisiana.

“As legislators, we have to think ahead when we’re crafting legislation — for our future and for our future generations,” Stine said. “This session’s legislative package works to adapt Louisiana’s laws with the times that we’re living in by creating new opportunities to attract new Louisiana residents, level the playing field within our tax structure, and protect our children from digital predators.”

Stine’s Legislative Agenda includes eight legislative instruments listed below:

  1. SB 61 Creates an individual income tax checkoff for donations for Holden's Hope.

  2. SB 89 Provides relative to the net capital gains deduction for individual income tax.

  3. SB 104 Provides for health insurance coverage of genetic testing for diseases and other medical conditions.

  4. SB 114 Provides for an individual income tax exclusion for retirement income from pensions and annuities.

  5. SB 175 Criminalizes deepfakes involving minors and defines the rights to digital image and likeness.

  6. SB 176 Increases the individual income tax combined personal exemption and standard deduction

  7. SB 178 Provides for grant programs to attract residents to Louisiana.

  8. SB 188 Provides for utilization review and approval procedures of claims for health care provider services.


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