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Senator Stine Delivers on Campaign Promises, Authored and Passed 16 Measures Into Law

Lake Charles, LA Upon completing the 2022 legislative session, Senator Jeremy Stine announced that the vast majority of his legislation has passed and has been signed into law. These instruments have proven Senator Stine’s ability to take a leading role in Baton Rouge and his ability to secure and deliver real results for the residents of Southwest Louisiana.

“Last year, I promised to stop at nothing to give storm victims a voice in Baton Rouge and fight for our faith, families, and community. Today, I can say we did just that by making smart investments in Louisiana’s families, our economy, and infrastructure,” Senator Stine said. “While our work over the last six months is just a start, these meaningful and bipartisan measures will impact our region and state for generations.”

Senator Stine’s legislation focuses on providing relief to storm victims and overhauling the insurance industry with much-needed reforms, delivering on his campaign promises to hold the insurance industry accountable. Other legislation, now law, includes measures to grow the local economy, amplify constituent voices in regional infrastructure developments, and fund resources supporting expectant mothers.

Below is a list of instruments authored, co-authored, and supported by Senator Stine that became law or resolutions in Louisiana:

Storm Victims’ Insurance Reform Package + Additional Insurance Reform Legislation:

  • SB 209 (ACT 683) (Stine) authorizes the Commissioner of Insurance to order certain penalties to persons engaging in an unfair method of competition or an unfair or deceptive act or practice.

  • SB 210 (ACT 68) (Stine) authorizes fines in lieu of suspension or revocation of certificate of authority for foreign or alien insurers.

  • SB 212 (ACT 591) (Stine) creates and provides for the Hurricane Mediation Program.

  • SR 140 (Stine) urges the Commissioner of Insurance to study the issue of insurers failing to timely pay property damage claims after a presidentially or gubernatorially declared disaster or emergency.

  • SB 163 (ACT 80) (Talbot/Stine) merged with Stine’s SB 232; requires during a declared state of emergency, the insurer must send the claimant a catastrophe claim process disclosure form.

  • SB 198 (ACT 263) (Talbot/Stine) establishes that during a declared state of emergency or disaster, the insured be provided with a summary of their policy information within a six-month period of time following the assignment of a claim to an adjuster.

  • SB 264 (ACT 69) (Bouie) provides for minimum capital and surplus requirements for certain domestic insurers.

  • SB 412 (ACT 776) (Talbot) establishes the Insure Louisiana Incentive Program.

  • HB 521 (ACT 157) (Huval) requires every insurer and every health maintenance organization to maintain a catastrophe response plan.

  • HB 539 (Firment) prohibits contractors from interpreting an insurance policy or adjusting a property insurance claim on behalf of an insured.

  • HB 682 (Brown/Stine) merged with Stine’s SB 330; establishes a statewide claims adjuster database.

Other Laws Passed By Senator Stine:

  • SB 211 (ACT 84) (Stine) adds new provisions to the "Choose Life" special prestige license plate to allow funds distributed to include organizations helping expectant mothers who are considering parenting their child.

  • SB 450 (ACT 550) (Stine) aims to energize our local economy by expanding economic opportunities across our state and removing unnecessary barriers for our local microbreweries.

  • SB 424 (ACT 776) (Stine) removes burdensome requirements and allows our local rental boating companies to compete with our neighboring states while preserving boater safety.

  • SB 498 (ACT 552) (Stine) works as a companion bill with SB 445 (ACT 758) (Abraham) to increase legislative oversight over how taxpayer dollars are spent and the contract allocation process of the Calcasieu Bridge; amplifying the voices of our constituents in the process.

Additional resolutions passed and authored by Senator Stine may be found here: SCR 5, SR 135, SR 158, SR 159, and SR 195.



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