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Stine and Local Leaders Issue Statements on New Laws Benefiting Local Businesses

Lake Charles, LA Senator Jeremy Stine (R-Lake Charles, LA) and local leaders, including Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter (R-Lake Charles, LA), Michael Boyer, CEO of River Rat Rentals, and Tim Robles, CEO of Lake Area Adventures, stand in support of the Legislature’s efforts to pass and sign ACT 776, authored by Senator Stine. These new laws provide crucial reforms that benefit the rental boating industry and increase economic opportunity for the region.

“As a local business owner, I felt for our local rental boating companies when they told me about these burdensome regulations,” said Senator Stine. “Our state laws should not limit small businesses from economic prosperity. ACT 776 removes the unnecessary, burdensome red tape from our local rental boating companies. It creates a competitive business environment that allows small businessmen and women to showcase the beauty of Louisiana’s Sportsman’s Paradise.”

“Economic opportunity is abundant in the City of Lake Charles, especially with our new Lakefront developments,” said Lake Charles Mayor Hunter. “ACT 776 allows us to capitalize on this opportunity, promote our natural resources, and attract more people to experience the Lake Charles we know and love.”

“Before this legislation became law, our coastal neighbors had the upper hand. Now, we have a fair chance to compete and bring more business to the region,” said Michael Boyer, CEO of River Rat Rentals.

“Lake Area Adventures is passionate about creating fun and exciting adventures in Southwest Louisiana,” said Tim Robles, CEO of Lake Area Adventures. “Thanks to Senator Stine’s efforts, these new laws allow us to remain competitive in the tourism industry and fulfill our mission statement.”

To read a copy of ACT 776, click here.

Senate Bill 424, now ACT 776, passed the Louisiana House of Representatives unanimously and passed the Louisiana State Senate nearly unanimously.



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